Natural Food Of Winter

 Winter Food

Today we will talk about a wonderful natural food for winter and its preparation. The local name of this food is Soni. It is a favorite food of mankind for centuries. It is made with pure natural ingredients and natural methods. This food, like other foods, has become contaminated by modernity. Therefore, it has become a mixture of advantages and disadvantages like other foods. But if it is prepared at home and no artificial ingredients and methods are adopted, this food is powerful, very tasty and a unique gift to the human body in cold weather.

Effects Of Winter Food

This food is mild in temperature. It is no less than an elixir for weak and cold-tempered bodies. Hot-tempered bodies can also enjoy it in small quantities. Yes, hot-tempered people should not eat this food in hot weather. Everyone can eat this food except diabetic patients. Generally, heart or liver patients avoid those foods that contain a lot of ghee or oil. But ghee or oil is not used in this food. They can also eat it happily. I would also like to clarify the fact that the food in which jaggery is used to create sweetness is not very harmful to diabetics. I agree with the opinion that a person who has been using only jaggery for sweets since childhood cannot complain about sugar. 

Facts And Foods

I also acknowledge the fact that all the natural foods that have been used since ancient times till today have no substitute in terms of their benefits and pleasures. But this fact has disappeared from modern man in the fog of food mafias and marketing. These foods have been tested by man for centuries, from which the human body gets many benefits. Like the man-made foods of the modern era, they do not even have any suspicion of harm or side effects on human health. These natural foods are indispensable for human health.

Ingredients of Winter Food

 Although Sony is not a sweet dish, it is winter food.  This food is considered for centuries to protect the body from the severity of cold weather and to strengthen the body. Sony is a pure natural food that is considered cold-weather food.  The ingredients of this food are milk, wheat, peanuts, dried grapes, walnuts, almonds, and white cumin.

 Method of preparation


One kilogram of clean wheat should be left in one kilogram of clean water for twelve hours. Then you should put the soaked wheat in a clean cloth and let it lie in a clean place. Scatter the wheat lightly on a clean cloth and put a clean cloth on top of it. Let the wheat grains lie for forty-eight hours or seventy hours. During this time, traces of growth will appear in the grains. When the wheat grains start showing signs of growth, the grains should be rubbed well with a clean cloth and dried in the sun. The dry grains should be coarsely ground in a grinder.

Second Action

 Now take ten kilos of milk and put it in an open vessel and put it on the fire. When the milk starts boiling, mix the crushed wheat grains in the milk. Stir this mixture well for five minutes. Then add one kg of jaggery into this mixture. Keep stirring this mixture continuously. After some time, your mixture will be thick. When it is almost thick, add the rest of the ingredients and after a few minutes, your natural food called Soni is ready.

 Put it in an open tray to cool and flatten it. When it cools down, cut it with a knife into the beautiful shape of your choice. You can eat three hundred to four hundred grams of this food daily. After a few days, you will find your body to cope well with the cold. People who have weak bodies will feel a youthful glow after a few days.

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