Natural Treatment Of Obesity

by Izat Khan


Obesity is a condition that worries people of all ages. Obesity not only makes our personalities unattractive but also makes us prone to many diseases. These include serious diseases like stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes, sex issues, anxiety, etc. It stops people from walking, playing games, or doing physical work. Now many people are suffering from knee pain, which has made them unable to walk. The victims of this disease are also often obese people.

Men and women between the ages of 20 and 50 are especially worried about this disease because, at this age, they like to be smart and want to live an active life. People of this age often try hard to keep their personalities intact, but obesity takes away all their hard work. Today, millions of people resort to doctors, diet, and exercise to get rid of this obesity, but ninety percent of people fail.

Main Causes Of Obesity

I think the main cause is not being aware of your body, food, temperament, and lifestyle. Secondly, there is no complete information about diet. Thirdly, after marriage, the weight of the husband or wife begins to increase. In the research of the obese couple, one of the reasons that came out is that they take strength medicine or food for more time to increase sex to remove physical weakness. They continue to use this practice for a long time due to their ignorance of health principles and laws of nature.

Another important reason why women become obese is the use of contraceptives. Women who undergo family planning surgery are often diagnosed with obesity after a few years. I have also observed that people who marry after the age of twenty-five are more obese than those who marry before the age of twenty-five. I have also observed that parents who keep their children away from the soil and do not allow them to play in clean soil or mud are more likely to become obese than those children who are allowed to play in the soil.

Friends, God, who is our creator, is very merciful and also very angry. God, who gives us beautiful shapes, also distorts us. I have full faith in my own research that misers, selfish people, and mean people are more likely to be obese.

Pure And Natural Treatment

Friends, for the treatment of obesity, I have brought you this gift that you may not know before. This sure remedy is very cheap, natural, and harmless. Do this natural treatment for one month and see your weight. If there is a clear difference, then continue it for three more months. If you don’t feel the difference, then you can leave it. This natural diet will definitely help you lose weight. This natural treatment will give you many other physical benefits, even if you don’t lose weight.

This is the natural cure for obesity. Get up before the sun rises. Exercise well. The exercise should be fast and hard enough that your body sweats a lot. Take a bath after resting for a while. Eat only porridge and drink a cup of green tea. After fifteen minutes, chew an apple thoroughly, including the peel. At lunchtime, eat any pulse except gram and lentils with barley bread. Prefer bananas, grapes, and guavas as fruits.

Exercise well in the evening too, so that you sweat. Eat any vegetable or meat without fat with barley bread in the evening meal. You can also drink plain milk during the day. Follow this routine for one week. In the second week, do the barley diet once, but barley porridge for breakfast is necessary for three months. If you have lost weight but not as much as you want, extend this diet and exercise for another month or two.

Marvelous Excercise

In my observation, another very important exercise that is more important than diet and physical exercise is that when you go from home to the office, to the market, or to the fields, look for any deserving poor person to help him every day according to your pocket. If you decide to continue this good gesture for the rest of your life, it is much better. Avoid hurting anyone during this natural treatment, but treat each other with good behavior. It is better if you decide to continue this good work for the rest of your life.

Barley Is Surprising For Obesity

Friends, barley bread, or any form is the best treatment for obesity. Especially for those who are obese and have a hot temper. Barley bread is no less than an elixir for physical health and obesity.

People suffering from obesity should not take any medicine or food to increase their sex power. Using jaggery instead of sugar will be very useful.- Ensure minimum consumption of ghee, oil, and sweet things. Barley bread is not only a cure for the obesity of an obese person, but the disease caused by obesity is also treated to a large extent by this barley bread.

Friends, it is my deep observation that the only way to avoid obesity for people who inherit obesity is regular consumption of barley bread. My compassionate request to women is that they not undergo surgery for family planning and not use contraceptives. Women should strictly leave it to men to use the sex balloon during sex. Otherwise, weight gain after the age of forty is guaranteed.

Green tea coffee helps with weight loss, but keep in mind that people with hot temperaments should not consume green coffee much because green tea coffee has a very hot temper. It can cause new health problems for hot temperament people. Also, obese people should not eat foods that cause constipation and gas.

The Body And temper Of Food Are Everything

Friends, as you know, in every food blog I have written about the temperament of the human body and the food. I believe that no diet, drug, or precaution can guarantee your health unless you do not eat food according to the mood of your body.  One of the main reasons for the obesity of many people who suffer from obesity is that people do not eat their food according to their temperament.

Due to ignorance of their body and food mood, they also use food and medicine to reduce obesity, which is against their temperament. Therefore, the desired results are not achieved. I claim that those people who eat according to their mood since childhood are less sick and do not suffer from obesity. That is why I have emphasized this fact in every blog about food.

Those who eat according to their mood do not get sick, and those who eat without knowing their mood can never be healthy.  Those who complain that despite diet and treatment, they are not losing weight, but some of them have gained more weight. This phenomenon is due to not knowing their body and food temperament.

From the day a person adjusts his diet according to his mood and ensures his diet, his health will become ideal; otherwise, the complaints of increasing obesity and other diseases will remain common.

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