O God I Am Ashamed of To Be Human

Kind God

O, my kind God, I am ashamed to be human. I see that dogs have been taken away from us. In the Holy Book, God says that all humans will be gathered together. He also said that all animals would be gathered together. I think we humans will lose out there too. Then we will have to be ashamed of being humans in front of all the animals.

You may have noticed that more people love pets, and they are hateful, jealous, hypocritical, and cheating people. Although man is worthy of more love and respect, perhaps because of this crime and sin, we are endowed with the characteristics of wild animals.  It is a very good thing to love animals. All their rights should be taken care of. But to completely forget our first duty as human beings is not humanity, but worse than animality.

God Says

God has said in his book that those who do not obey their God, Messenger, and reason are worse than all animals. The theory of Fittist is also correct. But it is also strange that animals disappear so often. Animals came to live with humans. The expansion of human and agricultural populations is not the only reason for the disappearance of animals. I think that when man adopted all the habits of animals, they came in front of him to commit suicide out of shame. And man did what animals wanted.

Animals are Ashmad

This practice of torture is still going on. Every creation of the universe remembers its Creator and does so morning and evening. It is understandable that the creature whose existence ends completely must not have been desired by nature, and the reason for this can be anything. But the number of creatures that exist is surprisingly reduced. I think that the forced and ashamed animals must have prayed to their God to save us from cruel and barbaric creatures like humans. They must have prayed to their God to save us from cruel and barbaric creatures like humans and call them to Himself.

The animals may have said that we did what was entrusted to us, O God. But this human has left his abilities and come down to copy us. Therefore, we are no longer in this world. Those who understand the facts say that a dog said to a fellow dog, “O friend, run away from here; otherwise, we too will die a dirty death like humans.”The innocent birds flew away from the grove of trees, saying that a strange-smelling poison had spread in this garden.

Truth, Not Abomination

Friends, this is not an abomination of mankind, nor scattered thoughts, nor a misunderstanding. Look, see, the truth will come before you. Human mood and behavior have a great effect on animals. When you are angry with your pet, every part of his body is affected by the effect of anger, which you can clearly see, and in this way, expressions of happiness also appear. If an animal hunts in the land of beasts, if it does not eat all the prey, it is left for the vagrants. They leave it for the small reptiles, and so the feast is common. Seeing this scene, the bitterness of man’s bad conscience comes to his liver.

A beast never hunts for fun; when it hunts, it fulfills its natural needs. This is a very clear difference between a beast and an animal. A man kills animals for fun. In this cruelty, he also kills innocents, and birds only check his gun. That is why God has said that people have hearts and minds but are devoid of understanding. They have eyes but do not see. They have ears but do not hear. God has described such a person as the worst creature.

Lions and cheetahs are still considered enemies of man. But today, the world is seeing that these animals also understand the language of love very well. When humans have expressed their love to the creature, and this creature has kissed the hand of man. Man is a sovereign creature. It was his responsibility to take care of everyone. He had to take care of the rest of the creatures, but he could not take care of his brothers without self-interest.

Until human beings are well aware of God’s purpose in sending them to this world and fully implement it, then we should stop understanding the difference between man and the wild animal of the forest. That is all that can be said. Yes, these are two different types of creatures, just as there are other different types of animals. A human being who rebels against God’s purposes is a creature like a snake, a crocodile, or worse.In this type of creature, you will find the bad traits of every animal present in one place.


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