Pumpkin Halwa Food and Temperament

by Izat Khan

 pumpkin Food Temperament

As you know, no blog of mine does not mention human and food moods, but every blog of mine is written from this point of view.
The diet of pumpkin halwa and the human temperament also from this point of view. This is also my absolute belief that a person who does not know the temperament of his body and food is committing cruelty to his body. I consider this process as slow-paining.

Temperament Of Body

A person who knows the temperament of his body and manages food according to his mood. Such a person’s health is much better. His body’s immunity is also enviable. Every diet is not for everybody. Everybody’s diet is different from another in terms of effects and results. Just as every human’s thinking and behavior is different, so is the matter of diet.No person can be physically fit unless he consumes food according to the mood of the body. As much as it is necessary to eat food to live, it is also important to know the mood of your body and food to stay healthy.

Ruling of Hot Temper

The ruling It has been mentioned many times before that most people and foods have a hot temper. I keep on mentioning cool effective foods for this mood. Today I am mentioning another cool effective food for this mood. This food is nothing less than a blessing for them. This is a pure natural and cheap and effective food called Pumpkin Halwa. All the ingredients of this food have a cooling effect. The three main ingredients of this food are pumpkin and cow’s milk and jaggery. These three ingredients are essential for the health of the hot human body. To increase the taste and efficacy of this food, almonds and coconuts are also used in it.


The method of making this food is simple. First, cut one kilogram of pumpkin into half-inch size. Take one kilo of cow’s milk and boil it well. Put these cut pumpkin pieces in this milk and put it on fire. When the pumpkin turns well, remove this mixture from the flame.
Now take an open vessel and put one kg of jaggery in it and put it on fire. Sprinkling water lightly on the jaggery.

When your jaggery turns into a thick syrup. The best sign of thickened here is that if you add a couple of drops of water to the syrup and those drops take the shape of a circle, then the syrup is considered cooked or ready. So at that time, you should mix your pumpkin and milk mixture in it. After a few minutes, add the rest of the ingredients and let them cook well. After a few minutes, you will have a cool effect and delicious taste. Before removing it from the stove, check it and let your tongue witness it. When it’s ready to eat, take it off the stove.


A common misconception regarding the energy content of a food is that certain foods are very powerful. This is both true and false. If a person eats food according to his temperament, it is completely correct, if he eats food contrary to his mood, it is completely wrong.No matter of how powerful the food is, if it is used contrary to temperament, it causes harm instead of benefit.

This process makes us prone to various diseases. That’s why I think that it is very important to know the temperament of your body and food. If hot-tempered people often consume cold-tempered foods and cold-tempered foods consume hot-tempered foods, then their health is enviable. If this is not the case, human health is in danger.#foody#eater#health and food

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