Temperament Of The Body And Food

Temperament,Body And Food

by Izat Khan

Only Temperament Not Food 

Friend, I have not written any of my blogs in which I have not mentioned the temperament of the human body or food. I believe that a person who has a good sense of the temperament of his body and food and eats according to his temperament can never get sick. He can enjoy his life until he dies.

Human physicians have been treating the human body for centuries. From the research and practical experience of these physicians, we have come to know that the treatment of the human body can be done only with food, keeping in mind the temperament of the body. Medicines are necessary when the patient has aggravated his illness due to laziness or a lack of knowledge.

In this way, nature has also determined certain limits in the matter of food, which man cannot go beyond. Sometimes these limits can be crossed; they are forgivable. But whoever violates these limits again and again, the law of nature will come into action and punish severely. Those who are careful to be punished become fit after receiving a little corporal punishment; those who, after being punished like habitual criminals, then violate the law of nature, then punish them severely.


It is very true that science has progressed a lot, but it is not true. A man should be treated with modern methods. But science has not yet succeeded in understanding the temperament of the human body and food.No special effort has been made to understand, which, in my view, should be the most important and first task.No matter how many good doctors and medicines you prepare, you cannot reduce the rush of diseases in hospitals, but this rush will increase even more. Because the cause of the disease has been completely neglected and is not even being paid attention to.

Doctors Know Temperament?

Attention is a far cry, and 99% of doctors don’t know the reason, nor do modern nutritionists. It is also true that diseases are caused by germs, so what is the relationship between these germs and the temperament of the human body and food? The temperament of the human body and food are also closely related here. When you eat food according to your mood, your body becomes so strong that no germ can make you sick. Friends, understand your body and the temperament of your food very well. By the grace of God, you will never get sick. Even if you get sick, you will have so much resistance that you will recover even by consuming good foods. No doctor or medicine will be required.

What Is Temperament?

How do you understand mood? In this way, there are four types of temperament in the human body. In my opinion, there are two major types. It is the duty of every person to know them. A person cannot be healthy without knowing these two types. Why is everyone unfit or sick today? The main reason is that he does not know the temperament of his body or food. And even the treating doctor is aware of this fact. Therefore, even after recovery, they do not find themselves fit or fall victim to any disease again.

To easily understand the mood of the human body, it is enough to know whether the temperament of the body is hot or cold. You should take eggs and slices for breakfast, eat bitter gourd in the afternoon, and eat mutton or buffalo meat in the evening. Now, if the night passes with your restlessness and, when you wake up in the morning, your stomach is heavy, you don’t feel hungry, or your body feels tired or lethargic, it shows your body temperament is hot, if not cold. In this way, you will know your mood in one day.

After knowing the mood of your body, you should now know the temperament of your food, which I will describe in detail in the next blog. Thus, I have described the temperament of food in each of my blogs. And the blog called Heaven and Hell Vitamins and another one called Temperament Matters, Not Food, you should also read to understand temperament better.

You Will Be Fit

I strongly believe that a person who does not know their temperament will always live with the help of a doctor. A hot-tempered body should always consume cool-tempered foods, and a cold-tempered body should always eat hot-tempered foods. Whoever does this will always be fit. Whoever will not do so must always live with the help of a doctor.

It is not that you should never eat food of another temperament. You can eat such food twice a month. But if you are sick, then you are not allowed to do so. Your good health will start from the day you start treating the food of other temperaments as poison for yourself. Yes, for those who suffer from severe weakness due to an operation or any other reason, it is beneficial for people of all moods to eat warm food for a few days, but as soon as the weakness goes away, eat food according to your mood again.

Just as every human being is different from others, so is the food of every person. It is different according to mood, quantity, health, and season.

Body Tester

Friends, another very simple tester of the body that immediately tells you whether this food is for you or not is your stomach. When you eat food and your stomach protests against it, it means that the food is not for you. Whether this protest is heavy or mild,. So you can make a routine and make a list of foods that are not for you. And those foods that calm your stomach—those foods are very useful for you. The same food will create the best resistance and strength in your body.No matter how simple and low-nutrition that food is considered to be,.

Facts And Food

Another important fact that I have mentioned in one of my blogs, titled Heaven and Hell Vitamins, is the mood of your heart and mind. If you believe in God, how can you imagine that I can be healthy with a bad heart and mind? You can’t even imagine that I can be a physical patient with a sincere heart and positive thinking. Therefore, along with the body and the mood of the food, good thinking and a heart full of humanity are also very important. If you take full care of these facts, nature will give you heavenly health.

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