The Real Causes And Treatment Of Obesity

by Izat Khan


Obesity has become a serious problem for human health and personality. Doctors and nutritionists seem defeated by this. Fifty years ago, there were very few people who were obese. But now obesity has become an epidemic. A large part of the human population has moved to cities for employment and convenience. Obesity appears to be a species whose majority has migrated with humans to cities. This scene makes one laugh; it seems sad. Because I hardly see obese people in my rural areas.

I have been looking for obesity cures for the past ten years. I have met hundreds of obese people. Each one has a different story. Everyone else prescribes different treatments, medications, dosages, and exercises. People who are obese are taking the same treatments, dosages, and exercises, but their results are also different. The majority are those who are trying to control weight only by exercising and abandoning treatment and preventive diets. And the majority agree that there is no doctor or diet to cure obesity. According to the majority, exercise is the main remedy.

My Research and Obesity

When I tried to find out the causes of obesity, the majority turned out to be ignorant. There were many obese people who did not have any inherited genes, lifestyle, or diet problems. The majority were people who had lifestyle problems. In the case of women, it was surprising that many women had the right lifestyle, and apparently no reason, to be considered causes of obesity. Still, they were obese. In our country, Pakistan, women are more obese than men. I did not understand the reason for many years.

Men who didn’t have all the predisposing factors for obesity and yet were obese. These men also continued to be a major problem and obstacle in my understanding of obesity. Friends, I am neither a doctor nor a scientist. Yes, I believe that I understand food and the temperament of the human body. Based on observation, I also claim to understand why someone is sick and why another is fit. And I also claim that why does a person become obese? But, friends, you don’t have to agree with my opinion. I’m just talking about my deep personal observation.

My Findings Of Obesity

The weight gain of children compared to men and women is the worst mystery. The mystery is when there is no obesity scar on the child’s parents or grandparents. Nor is the lifestyle or diet of small children a problem as seen by adults. I present to you briefly the results of my ten years of research into the causes and treatment of obesity.

The first is lifestyle. Especially the way of life in which there is no hard physical effort and high use of artificial foods.

The second major reason is sex enhancement drugs, late marriage, and surgery to prevent the birth of children, especially the operation of a woman.

The third reason is that women do not breastfeed their children for two years, using different drugs to increase the beauty of their bodies.

The fourth reason is hereditary genes.

I have found the mystery of the fourth reason, which is that I think people with extremely negative thoughts also become obese early.

As for obesity in children whose parents or grandparents are not obese, the main reason is their parents’ use of sex-enhancing drugs or the great use of artificial foods.

Naked Truth And Obesity

Friends, I have been living in a desert area for the past 35 years. I swear that I have never seen a single person who is obese. In the first 26 years of living in a mountainous area, I have not seen a single person who has gained weight. The style of living in both places is the same. Because the people of these areas are related to agriculture, they do hard physical work in the morning and evening and eat natural food.

I have also seen that people from the same areas who have gone to the city have changed their lifestyle. Some of them have become obese. I have concluded from my research that a man does at least one hour of strenuous physical work or grueling exercise in the morning and evening. If he eats a natural diet, doesn’t use sex-enhancing drugs, doesn’t have genetic genes for obesity, and doesn’t have extremely negative habits and behaviors, he doesn’t become obese.

Another fact that was found in obesity research is that you don’t have to agree with it. I am sharing my experience that the person who sincerely loves people and tries to help them, and the person who keeps trying for the rights of other people, has a very smart body. I have found most greedy, hypocritical, and selfish people to be fat.

Friends, These are common and simple causes of obesity. And the best cure is to not have these causes. I do not consider any medicine a cure for obesity. Yes, all-natural foods, if cooked in a natural way, can be a cure if other causes of obesity are also eliminated.

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