The Selfishness And Hypocrsiy Of A Nations


Rule Of Selfishness


Man and goodness seem to be two contradictory words. The dance of the ghost of selfishness and hypocrisy is happening on earth all the time. If you like to see this dance, then so-called leaders and the educated people of every nation are enjoying it because these are the people who organize this dance party. The mutual relations of independent nations and states are in front of you. Their relationships and hidden interests are of a worse nature. The relations of the East with the West or the West with the East have one value in common. That is their common interest. This is what is called our relationship based on mutuality, sympathy, goodwill, and brotherhood, which is a complete lie.

Unending War Of Interests

There are an endless series of political, economic, military, etc. interests in these relationships and connections. As soon as the interests of one of the parties start to be harmed, the idol of so-called sympathy and empathy is immediately broken. The ghost of selfishness and hypocrisy begins to dance. When the leaders of two nations are holding a press conference after an agreement, they are shamelessly lying, saying that this agreement is based on our sincere relations and mutual sympathy, and in the next breath, they are also saying that if it were not for this agreement, our interests would have been damaged.

Why would one party not give humanitarian sympathy to another nation without benefit? Although they can easily compensate for their loss,. There are examples of this in every country, but especially the relations of Western countries with Eastern countries, which are based on material interests, hypocrisy, selfishness, conspiracies, and terror. These deals are made by cunning, talkative, and deceitful minds so that they get more benefit than the other party. On receiving more benefits than the other party, the concerned diplomat is considered a more intelligent person and is rewarded for showing more skill in deception.



 Man Or Animal


The thinker rightly said that man is a self-interested animal. The relations between the western countries themselves also consist of common interests. In all these negotiations, there are political maneuvers, military intimidation, sometimes the temptation of the sect, sometimes the race, sometimes the head of poverty, and sometimes the shoe of the emirate. Somewhere there is the sound of democracy, then there is the arrangement of royal support, and somewhere there is the drum of an ideology, then there is the dance of culture.

Educated, so-called civilized, more sensible, and active people in the country are usually leading the nation. Their civility and education are always concerned with how to steal the resources of other nations. Or how to subjugate the people of other nations? How do you increase your terror? How to defeat a defeated nation. How do you trap your opponents in unsolved problems? These so-called enlightened people continue to pollute their thoughts with the concern of how to create chaos in such a nation.


For this, think tanks are established in civilized nations. On the other hand, these people are inventing new ways to flatter and lick the feet of a nation more powerful than them. How do you overthrow the throne of your opponent, and which traitor should be crowned? Whose conscience should be bought? Who should be killed? The so-called intellectuals’ dirty thoughts are busy thinking about where to create intellectual poverty and where to pour the filth of ignorance.


It is the rule of nature and a natural punishment that the friends of the bad are made with the bad, and the friendship of the deceitful is with the deceitful. This is the punishment of nature, which covers the whole earth. Why is it? Ask the educated, ask the intellectuals, ask the national leaders, and ask the politicians and generals.

An uneducated person has no role in the blackness of this dark night, although the ignorant are considered black. Here, the wise are often called crazy, and the crazy are called intellectuals. At no time in the history of the world have people collectively given proof that man is the best creature. There are millions of proofs that man is the most barbaric and ungrateful creature. The Holy God has stated in His revelation that people who do not use the law revealed by God and their intellect positively are worse than animals. Now let the man himself decide what he is.


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