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Food for Tourist

Gilgit is a famous tourist destination in Pakistan, which is famous all over the world. It is world-famous not only for its natural beauty but also for its foods and recipes. There are many places and snow-covered peaks, and after seeing their beauty, one is forced to think that God’s world is so beautiful, so how beautiful and attractive will paradise be?

This is the same area where the borders of China and Pakistan meet. This is where the wonders of the world—the Silk Road and CPEC—pass. The world’s highest mountain peaks are located here, and thousands of tourists come here every year to see them. Thousands of tourists come here every year to see it. Some of the foods here are also very popular, which tourists enjoy.

 Here Lives nature

This area is not only very close to nature, but the people and food here are also purely natural.It is a famous tourist destination. These foods are not only simple but also very traditional and ancient, and they are considered very good depending on the season and taste. One of the popular foods among them is called Mamto in the local language and Momo in English. The main reason for the effectiveness and deliciousness of this food is the cooking method. Mamtu is prepared uniquely. Like other foods, it is not boiled in water or cooked in oil; it is cooked by steaming water.

Ingredients And Recipe

You have to take one kg of lean meat for this diet for four people. Make a fine mince of the meat. Mix onion, garlic, a little ginger, turmeric, and black pepper or red pepper in this paste according to your taste. Knead one kilogram of flour well and keep it for half an hour. Make two or three-inch rounds of the dough. One hundred to one and a half grams of minced meat is wrapped in thin, round bread made of flour. Shape it into a ball. The thin, round sheets of dough should not have holes anywhere.

Take a big pot. Heat five kilos of water in it. The mouth of the pot should be open enough that a sieve plate about a foot long or round can be placed in it, but this plate should be one or two feet above the surface of the water. Now put the minced meatball on a sieve plate and place it in a steam pot. Turn up the heat on your stove a little. Cover the lid of your pot well so that the steam does not escape. This food usually takes thirty to forty minutes to cook. Forty minutes is considered to be the best. This delicious and useful food is eaten with a sauce made from green chilies, green coriander, pomegranate seeds, and curd.

Don’t forget to eat this food if you are on a trip to Gilgit, because its real pleasure is found here better than at home.

Chap Shoro Food And Recipe

One of the famous foods of this region is chap short, which is not wrong to be called pizza. Which I think deserves to be called the best pizza in the world.

Here is the way to prepare it: First, wheat bread is made. Two hundred to three hundred grams of yak or beef are placed on this bread in the form of minced meat. Along with this, the proper amount of onion, tomato, green pepper, and other spices is added to the mince. You can also add a small amount of pure ghee to this mixture to increase the taste and richnessThen another piece of bread is made, and it is placed on the first bread in equal size. The corners of these two breads are well-turned so that the meat and spices do not come out. This bread is put on a pan on the stove. Don’t keep the heat under the pan too fast.

When you change the side of the bread for the first time, add a little ghee so that the bread does not stick to the pan and does not crack, and it also gives a good taste. After 15 to 20 minutes, when the color of the bread becomes golden and the spices and meat inside try to come out, this food is considered ready and ready to eat.Tourists love this food very much.

Tourists love this spicy food the most. Because of this, this food is prepared quickly. Second, it is unparalleled in energy and pleasure. Thirdly, the desire to eat pizza in this cold, remote mountainous region is fulfilled.

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