Unkind Desires And God’s Command

by Izat Khan
Unkind Desires And God's Command

Our Unkind Desires And Kind God

And By the given rewards of God, a man can seize the desires of wealth, power, fame, and lust and control the waves that emanate from these desires. So man becomes enviable for the angels and if he becomes captive of these four then he becomes enviable for Satan. Then man does not give any importance to the beliefs, paths, emotions, and thoughts of his dear one. He damns dear ones, parents, brothers, sisters, and friends with whose help the heights of humanity are determined. From this four-cornered room of desires all justice, cruelty, wickedness, and shamelessness are born. From home to the country, every mischief, oppression, and grief has come out of these four stinking mouths. By the captivity of these unkind desires, man becomes a rebel against God and humanity.

Evil Desires Of HumansEvil Desires and God's Will

Worship of the self begins with the desire for greatness and power. This is the evil desire. This is the first evil that was born in the beginning. It is like living in the paradise of idiots to expect good wherever this evil dwells. Whether the desire for greatness and power is at home or in the office or in the neighborhood, in the province or in the country, disgrace and destruction are certain. It is also a fact that where there is a desire for pride and power, there will be a desire for wealth, fame, and lust ۔

Not a single decade has passed in the four thousand years of known human history in which man has lived in peace.90% of human history consists of the dirty stories of oppression, dirty desires, and injustice of the kings of these four desires and their supporters. Oppression and injustice, whether it is at home or in the country, are related to this dirty four-line exchange. Man as a whole has not proved that he is the best of creatures, but his deeds have proved everywhere that man is the worst of creatures. Satan deserved eternal damnation for disobeying God once, and man wants to be called a man by disobeying God’s order every day.

Our evil desires and delusions

The captives of these four desires have apparently done some good deeds, but all this has been done for their fame and not for human welfare. Or because of the wisdom of nature, when man transcends all bounds of evil and cruelty, a strange fear arises in his heart and mind. To get out of this mental illness, he has to do some work and a less educated person considers this work as his deed. What good can be expected from the killer of thousands of innocent people? Only a bad and insane person can expect better from them.

Rule Of Evil Desires

This world is full of evil people. Therefore, millions of supporters of these evil people have been present in every age. These tyrants do some good deeds out of fear of losing their power, wealth, fame, and lust also. This is the grace of nature. It is a law of nature that when the heat intensifies, clouds will appear from somewhere to rain. The graph of evil has always been higher than the graph of good. It is a mysterious secret that is cruel and has the full realization of its evil. He is also aware of the situation arising from evil. His evil keeps it disturbed even in his evil dreams. His future keeps him awake.

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