God,Humanity And Saint

by Izat Khan

Humanity Is The Greatest Duty

The greatest work, duty, and worship of man is the service of humanity.A person who believes in God as one, God as his creator and owner, and believes in the Day of Judgment and then spends his life in the service of humanity according to the ability and resources given by God is, in my eyes, a saint of God.

Humans are very cruel, ignorant, self-interested, and hypocritical. That’s why you see swarms of devils everywhere, and the servants of humanity are very few. The servants of humanity are all very lovely people, but some seem to be dearer than angels. For example, when humanity is suffering from heat or cold, the remedy is not to take a bath or enter a temple, church, or mosque and start praying. God did not send down air conditioning for any prophet. God sent down the intellect, sent down the passion of feeling, and ordered us to use it. When an angel, the servant of humanity, puts himself to the problem of how to save humanity from the agony of this hot or cold season, when he succeeds in his mission and becomes a source of comfort and wealth to millions of people, I am sure that such a servant will be greeted by the angels of the heavens.

Angelicity Is Humanity

At the same time, there will be curses on those who could have helped in this work but did not become helpers. Even today, millions of people are suffering from the severity of the seasons, and there are millions who can relieve them of this torment, but they do not do so because the majority of them are in the company of Satan. The angelic person who has removed the sufferings, difficulties, and the distance of thousands of miles between loved ones. The angel who has removed thousands of difficulties and obstacles with the invention of the phone or mobile phone, can the rank and position of such a person be lower than that of a great saint?

That person is a saint who creates comfort for people. He is a dry saint who remembers God by sitting alone in the temple, mosque, and church. Every disease has a hellish effect and condition within it, and man seeks a cure for the disease and saves people from a great punishment. Can there be a saint greater than him?

Very Wrong Mindset

It is our mindset that only those who leave the world and are engaged in the remembrance of God are considered saints. However, this is not a big task. The biggest and most difficult task is to serve humanity. That is why God said that in the revelation. It is the one who saves a person’s life as if he saved the lives of all of humanity. God told humans in his revelation that I have conquered the earth and the sky for you. And bring these phenomena to the service of humanity. So are those great saints who are conquering the oceans, mountains, and stars, or those who can’t even wear clean clothes?

If the scientists, whom I consider to be the greatest saints of God, had not been there, almost the entire world population would have died of hunger or disease or killed each other for a single loaf of bread. It is the scientist who is feeding the current population with good and abundant food; otherwise, the eye of the sky has seen this terrible scene where man has slaughtered and eaten his children during the famine.

Our concept of service to humanity and the saints of God is very limited and quite wrong. Scientists who are the benefactors of humanity and the saints of God show our stupidity by calling them only intelligent people.  However, they are the ones who deserve the award of the benefactor of humanity, and the only ones who deserve the crown of being God’s saint are these scientists.

Just as the so-called ignorant religious scholars have been the worst hand to mislead every nation in every aspect, even in this field, the misleading interpretation of the servant of humanity and the saint of God is by the same scholars, which has not yet been erased from the minds of people. Religion and religious teachers have a big role in our lives, but the lives of crores of people are in the hands of these religious people. These ignorant religious people have trained crores of people very wrongly. Due to this education and training, they have lived in a very wrong way.

God And Cruel Man

What can be more cruel than that? God says that the most rewarding work and the greatest duty are to serve humanity and give comfort to people. Even God said that smiling at a person to please him is also a great act of goodness. But the emphasis of all the education and training of these religiously ignorant people is to turn away from the world. Sit in a forest or an anonymous corner and pray. God tells us to love and develop relationships with humans, and these ignorant people order us to stay away from humans. God tells us to fight against evils like cruelty, injustice, ignorance, and fraud and to create goods of peace and tranquility for humanity. While this mostly religious group says to leave human affairs and sit in a mosque or church and pray to God,. They preach that it is the great duty of every human being.

God has ordered us to beautify the world, and they call the world evil and teach us not to go near it. It seems that they have taken care of what Satan was supposed to do. In the Quran, the religious book of Muslims, the most emphasis is on the various natural phenomena of the universe, such as the earth and the sky, stars and planets, the sun and the moon, the rotation of the sun and the earth, the sea and the mountains, the birth of the universe, plants and animals, birds, insects, human organs, winds, rain, weather, and night and day. These phenomena of nature are commanded to be pondered.

They are all meant to be understood and evaluated. It is said in the Qur’an that this world belongs to the one who has the skill to use it. It is in the Qur’an that God does not change the condition of a nation that does not try to change its condition. These commands and inspiration are given in every revelation of God. It is a different thing that the books of the ancient past are not in their original form.

 Saints Of God 

Man has been ordered to live a very active and positive life. Now how can it be imagined that God has asked man to lead a monastic life? This thought is the invention of ignorant religious people. It is an invented concern of vain and lazy people to sit in a mosque, temple, or church and remember only God so that people call me God’s saint. The saint of God is the one who continues to serve man in society and creates facilities for him. Or he continues to fight against all forms of oppression and injustice. Or he spends his life acquiring knowledge or skills.

One who does not do this can be called a human being, but nothing else.Angels on God’s earth only give the heavenly Nobel Prize and the Crown of Beauty to that person who serves the people the most in some form or another.

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